House Portrait Order Form

(Please print include this part of the form with your order)

Please print and  fill in the information below.  Send the form and your photos with payment!

Black & White = $100 - hint of color =   $125
prices include shipping

Size to Fit Building__________

8"x10" Black & White______     8"x10" with hint of Color _____

9" x 12" Black & White______    9"x12" with hint of Color  _____

11"x14" Black & White______     11"x14" with hint of Color ____

Your Name__________________________________________________

Mailing Address ______________________________________________


Your Email Address:  print carefully__________________________________________

Include your payment and all your photos - mark the back of the view you want with
an X or #1, first choice, #2, second choice, etc. Add any special ideas you may have.

Janice Dool
2124 Helsley Ave
Norfolk, VA  23518

Please Email me and let me know that you are sending an order. I will be on the lookout for it and will let you know when it arrives. The sketch will be made from your Photos. It is important to provide clear shots of the house. Take a couple pictures which include the View you want and contains the ENTIRE HOUSE -  top to bottom, side to side!! (If I can see it, I can draw it, so include ALL the house). Mark the photo of the view you want on the back with an X or with a sticky note)

Then take several close up shots of various details taken from the same position you took the whole house.  
Doors, windows, include all the window panes, ginger bread, or any details which can not be clearly seen in the overall photo of the house.
Write special instructions on the back of this form. I can not make corrections after the sketch is completed, so please make your instructions detailed. All photos will be returned.

In the event that you only have an old picture of the old family home, DO NOT SEND me your original. Take it to a print shop and have a COLOR print made, even if the photo is Black and White. We don't want the original of your photo getting lost in the mail!!

Money Orders, Certified Checks, or PayPal  are the best to send.
I can begin work right away. I will accept personal checks, but may   have to wait until the check clears to begin the sketch. Paypal is my email address

Please Make the subject of your email  HOUSE PORTRAITS. I get a lot of junk mail and want to make sure I get yours.
Usually it will take 1-2 weeks to finish the sketch.

 Please send photos with payment to:

Janice Dool
2124 Helsley Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23518-2119
phone: 757-646-8169 (cell phone)